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Guess Who

Gene Harris & Niki Harris

Guess Who


Performers Gene Harris Quartet
- Gene Harris (piano)
- Frank Potenza (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
- Luther Hughes (Double Bass)
- Paul Kreibich (Drums, drums)
Ernie Watts (alto sax)
Niki Haris (vocals)

Composers Jesse Belvin Jo Ann Belvin

Date of recording 11 December 1998 - 12 December 1998 (live)


Alley Cats

Gene Harris Quartet

Alley Cats

Record Label Concord / CCD-4859-2

Year of production 1999

2. Magic Lady
3. Blues March
4. Bird's Idea
5. Walkin' With Zach = Walkin' with Zach
6. Jive Samba
7. You've Changed
9. Listen Here
10. Please Send Me Someone To Love