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If You Love Me Like You Say

In Mission Of Tradition

If You Love Me Like You Say


Performers In Mission of Tradition
- Stephan Urwyler (vocals, guitar)
- Rolf Häsler (saxophone)
- Thomas Dürst (Double Bass)
- David Elias (drums)

Composers Little Johnny Taylor

Date of recording at about 1995


Easy Listenin'

In Mission of Tradition

Easy Listenin'

Record Label Stephan Urwyler

Year of production 1995

2. Tequila = Tequilla (sic!)   
5. Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt   
8. Sittin' On A Dock Of The Bay = Sittin' on a dock of the bay
11. Les petites choses   
12. Chanson d'amour   
13. Round Midnight = Round about midnight