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Say's You

In Mission Of Tradition

Say's You


Performers In Mission of Tradition
- Stephan Urwyler (guitar)
- Rolf Häsler (saxophone)
- Thomas Dürst (Double Bass)
- David Elias (drums)

Composers Wes Montgomery

Date of recording at about 1995


Easy Listenin'

In Mission of Tradition

Easy Listenin'

Record Label Stephan Urwyler

Year of production 1995

2. Tequila = Tequilla (sic!)   
5. Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuss auf Liebe eingestellt   
8. Sittin' On A Dock Of The Bay = Sittin' on a dock of the bay
11. Les petites choses   
12. Chanson d'amour   
13. Round Midnight = Round about midnight