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Yellow Daffodils

Malia feat. Erik Truffaz

Yellow Daffodils


Performers Malia (vocals)
Erik Truffaz (trumpet)
André Manoukian (keyboard)
Bob Le Gal (guitar)
Booster (electronics)

Composers Malia André Manoukian

Date of recording at about 2002


Yellow Daffodils

Malia, Pap Abdou Sek

Yellow Daffodils

Record Label Epic / 505369/9

Year of production 2002

2. Purple shoes   
4. I'm not jealous   
5. India song   
6. Twinckling little star   
7. Lifting you high   
8. Angel kiss   
9. Solitude   
10. Big brown eyes   
11. Let it happen   
12. Moon glows