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Ain't Misbehavin'

David "Fathead" Newman & Ray Charles

Ain't Misbehavin'


Performers David "Fathead" Newman (tenor sax)
Ray Charles (piano)
Emmott Dennis (baritone sax)
Joe Bridgewater (trumpet)
John Hunt (trumpet)
Roosevelt Sheffield (Double Bass)
William Peeples (drums)

Composers Fats Waller Harry Brooks Andy Razaf Quincy Jones

Date of recording 20 November 1956


House Of David. The David "Fathead" Newman Anthology

David "Fathead" Newman

House Of David. The David "Fathead" Newman Anthology

Record Label Rhino / R2 71452

Year of production 1993

Tracks - CD 1
1. Why don't you eat where you slept last night
2. Greenbacks
3. Rockhouse, part 1 and 2
5. Blues waltz
6. Talkin' bout you
8. Willow weep for me
9. Fathead
10. That's enough
11. Let the good times roll
12. Esther's melody
14. Night of Nisan
15. Sister sadie
Tracks - CD 2
1. The holy land
2. The clincher
5. The thirteenth floor
6. Chained no more
7. Missy
8. For Buster
10. Day by day
11. Candy
12. Pledging my love