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Friend Sax

Mario Robbiani Orchestra

Friend Sax


Performers Mario Robbiani Orchestra
- Kurt Will (tenor sax)
Mario Robbiani

Composers Franco Zauli Symmark

Date of recording at about 1988


Mario Robbiani presenta i suoi solisti

Mario Robbiani, Duilio Galfetti, Gigi Ghisletta, Pino Paciullo, Mauro Ghisletta, Mario Robbiani Orchestra, Antonio Rezzonico

Mario Robbiani presenta i suoi solisti

Record Label BB-music / BBCD 88129

Year of production 1988

1. Boogie-Honky Piano
2. Marvellous
3. Bossa du canela
4. Twice As Nice
5. Make Over
6. Bowled
7. Small Talk
8. Classic Carrousel
9. A Moenda
10. Oxumarè
12. Young At Heart
13. Light My Fair
14. Next To Nothing
15. Blossomed Love
16. A Moment Of Ecstasy
17. Fanatic