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Just You, Just Me

Danny Moss meets Buddha's Gamblers

Just You, Just Me


Performers Danny Moss (tenor sax)
Buddha's Gamblers
- Heinz Bühler (trumpet)
- Hans Meier (Trombone)
- Werner "Wieni" Keller (clarinet)
- Buddha Scheidegger (piano)
- Peter Schmidli (guitar)
- Vinzenz Kummer (Double Bass)
- Carlo Capello (drums)

Composers Jesse Greer Vinzenz Kummer

Date of recording 20 November 1996
21 November 1996
23 November 1996


A Swingin' Affair

Danny Moss, Buddha's Gamblers

A Swingin' Affair

Record Label Nagel-Heyer Records / CD 034

Year of production 1997

2. Moten Swing
4. Moppin' And Doppin'
6. The Jepp Is Jumpin'
7. Georgia On My Mind
8. Creazy Rhythm
9. Swingin' The Blues
11. The King