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Line For Lyons

Daniel Humair

Line For Lyons


Performers Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax)
Gordon Beck (piano)
Ron Mathewson (Double Bass)
Daniel Humair (drums)

Composers Gerry Mulligan

Date of recording 26 August 1971 (live)


Surrounded 1964 - 1987

Eric Dolphy, Eddy Louiss, Gerry Mulligan, Phil Woods, Daniel Humair, Tete Montoliu, Jane Ira Bloom, Martial Solal, Johnny Griffin, Joachim Kühn

Surrounded 1964 - 1987

Record Label Blue Flame / 40322

Year of production 1991

1. Les
2. Serene
3. Au privave
5. Nite At St Nicks
6. Pressing à deux
7. Stable Mates
8. I've Got Rhythm But No Melody
9. Crazy Rhythm
10. Wee
11. Cesar
12. Espace sonore No. 1