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Comes Love

Vanessa Rubin

Comes Love


Performers Vanessa Rubin (vocals)
Larry Willis (piano)
David Williams (Double Bass)
Lewis Nash (Drums, drums)
David Williams (Double Bass)

Composers Sam H. Stept Charles Tobias Lew Brown Larry Willis

Date of recording 11 December 2000 - 13 December 2000


Girl Talk

Vanessa Rubin, Etta Jones

Girl Talk

Record Label Telarc / CD-83480

Year of production 2001

2. Matchmaker, Matchmaker   
3. Whatever Happens
4. But Not For Me   
5. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
6. You'll Never Know (Until You Let Go)   
7. Loving You   
8. Girl Talk   
9. Sex Is A Misdemeanor (The More You Miss De Meaner You Get) = Sex is a misdemeanor (the more you miss de meaner you get) = the   
11. Won't Have To Say Goodbye   
12. If You Ever Go Away