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Bachianas Brasileiras Nr.5

Lalo Schifrin

Bachianas Brasileiras Nr.5


Performers Lalo Schifrin (piano)
Mundell Lowe (electric guitar)
Lalo Schifrin and his Orchestra

Composers Heitor Villa-Lobos Lalo Schifrin

Date of recording 10 June 1964


Impossible...And More! The Best Of... (1962-1972)

Lalo Schifrin and his Orchestra, Lalo Schifrin, Jimmy Smith

 Impossible...And More! The Best Of... (1962-1972)

Record Label Motor / 535 495-2

Year of production 1996

Mission: Impossible (Film)
1. Mission: Impossible
2. Jim on the move
3. The wave
4. Lalo's Bossa Nova (Samba para dos)
Leonard Bernstein
(extract:) West side story. Comédie musicale
5. Maria
6. Rio after dark
The man from U.N.C.L.E (Film)
7. The man from THRUSH
Joy house / The love cage (Film)
8. The cat
Heitor Villa-Lobos
(extract:) Bachianas Brasileiras, pour soprano et 8 violoncelles. Cantilena
Bearbeitung für Jazz-Ensemble
10. Anpacondra soul
11. The "In" crowd
The Venetian Affair (Film)
12. Venice after dark
Bullitt. Original motion picture soundtrack (Film)
13. Bullitt
14. On the way to San Mateo
Mission: Impossible (Film)
15. Danube incident
Dirty Harry (Film)
16. Dirty Harry
Medical center (Film)
17. Medical center
Mission: Impossible (Film)
18. Mission: Impossible