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Days Of Wine And Roses

Alain Guyonnet Tentet

Days Of Wine And Roses


Performers Alain Guyonnet Tentet
Lee Konitz (soprano sax, alto sax)
George Robert (alto sax)
Michel Weber (alto sax)
Roby Seidel (tenor sax)
Philippe Collet (tenor sax)
Christian Gavillet (baritone sax)
Claude Buri (electric guitar)
Dado Moroni (piano)
Isla Eckinger (Double Bass)
Peter Schmidlin (drums)
Matthieu Michel (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Alain Guyonnet

Composers Henry Mancini Alain Guyonnet

Date of recording 10 June 1990 - 13 June 1990


Swiss Kiss

Alain Guyonnet Tentet, Alain Guyonnet Big Band

Swiss Kiss

Record Label TCB The Montreux Jazz Label / 9120

Year of production 1992

1. Boom Lee boogie
2. Friends
7. Philtre d'amour
8. Game, set and match
10. Joyeux univers sert
11. Living in your eyes