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Leap Of Faith

Swiss Blues Authority & Polo Hofer

Leap Of Faith


Performers Swiss Blues Authority
- Chris Gora (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
- Chris Muzik (piano, guitar)
- Ian Berrymen (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)
- Peter Haas (Drums, drums)
- Jessy Howe (background voice, vocals)
- Yvonne Moore (background voice)
Polo Hofer (vocals)

Composers Gary Nicholson Glen Clark

Date of recording at about 2000


Kind Of Blue

Swiss Blues Authority, Polo Hofer, Jessy Howe

Kind Of Blue

Record Label Warner Music / 8573838682

Year of production 2000

1. Tupelo Honey
2. Blind Side
4. Why Get Up
7. Under Suspicion
8. Shaky Ground
9. Scuttle Buttin'
10. Beast Of Burden
11. I Ain't Waiting No More
12. Instrumental In C