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Dancing In The Dark

David & Danino Weiss Quartet

Dancing In The Dark


Performers David & Danino Weiss Quartet
- David Weiss (accordion)
- Danino Weiss (piano)
- Alex Haas (Double Bass)
- Guido May (drums)

Composers Arthur Schwartz Howard Dietz David Weiss Danino Weiss

Date of recording at about 2018


Violets For Your Furs

David & Danino Weiss Quartet, Biboul Darouiche, Giovanni Weiss, Jeffrey Weiss, Bernd Reiter

Violets For Your Furs

Record Label Edition Collage / GLM Music / EC 582-2

Year of production 2018

1. Why
2. Bavaria In Mind Of Brazil
4. Ready Know That Your Are
5. Violets For Your Furs
6. Elia
7. My Special Moment In Emotion
8. Chez moi
9. You`re Mine You
10. Without Words