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Out Of Nowhere

SwingStringS feat. Bruno Spoerri

Out Of Nowhere


Performers SwingStringS
- Georges Burki (violin)
- Urs Wäckerli (violin)
- Fulvio Musso (guitar)
- Thomas Hirt (Double Bass)
Bruno Spoerri (tenor sax)

Composers Johnny "Johnny" Green Edward Heyman

Date of recording March 2018


Thorns & Roses

SwingStringS, Roger Moreno-Rathgeb, Bruno Spoerri

Thorns & Roses

Record Label Allmedia Productions / s.n.

Year of production 2018

1. The Sheik Of Araby
2. Cry Me A River
3. Avalon
4. I'm Confessing
5. A Single Petale Of A Rose
7. Waltzing Stroll
8. Summertime
9. Autumn Leaves
10. The Man I Love