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End Of The Line

Buddy Guy

End Of The Line


Performers Buddy Guy (vocals, electric guitar)
Rob McNelley (guitar)
Kevin McKendree (piano)
Willie Weeks (e-bass)
Tom Hambridge (drums)
Muscle Shoals Horns
- Charles Rose (Trombone)
- Steve Herrman (trumpet)
- Doug Moffet (tenor sax)
- Jim Hoke (baritone sax)

Composers Tom Hambridge Richard Fleming

Date of recording at about 2018


The Blues Is Alive And Well

Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, James Bay, Mick Jagger

The Blues Is Alive And Well

Record Label RCA Records / 19075812472

Year of production 2018

1. A Few Good Years
2. Guilty As Charged
3. Cognac
4. The Blues Is Alive And Well
5. Bad Day
6. Blue No More
7. Whisky For Sale
8. You Did The Crime
9. Old Fashioned
10. When My Day Comes
11. Nine Below Zero
12. Ooh Daddy
13. Somebody Up There
15. Milking Muther For Ya