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The Duke

Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra feat. Ryan Quigley, Marques Young, Jeremy Monteiro & Rudi Engel

The Duke


Performers Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra
- Mathieu Bitz (alto sax)
- Felix Piringer (tenor sax)
- Gergö Szax (trumpet)
- Dmitry Zinakov (trumpet)
- Ivan Akatov (trumpet)
- Sebastian Wey (Trombone)
- Silvio Benz (bass trombone)
- Fabian Tschopp (flute)
- Sofie Schindelholz (bass clarinet)
- Riccardo Ooms (guitar)
- Jérémy Lenoir (keyboards)
- Loris Di Marco (drums)
Billy Cobham (drums)
Ryan Quigley (trumpet)
Marques Young (Trombone)
Jeremy Monteiro (keyboards)
Rudi Engel (Double Bass)
Bobby Watson (soprano sax, alto sax)
Fritz K Renold (leader)

Composers Dave Brubeck Gil Goldstein

Date of recording 21 April 2017 (live)


Take Five

Swiss Youth Jazz Orchestra, Billy Cobham, Ryan Quigley, Marques Young, Jeremy Monteiro, Rudi Engel, Bobby Watson

Take Five

Record Label Shanti Records / SR 639 / 081617-10

Year of production 2017

1. Take Five   
2. Caravan   
5. In Your Own Sweet Way   
6. Admissions   
7. Steppin' Out With Dave   
9. Brubi's Blues   
10. Blue Rondo à La Turk