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New Off&Out feat. Melanie Russo

Blues ECU


Performers New Off&Out
- Berti Lampert (saxophone)
- Erwin Pfeifer (guitar)
- Urs C. Eigenmann (piano, keyboard)
- Gabriele Basilico (e-bass)
- Beat Fraefel-Haering (drums)
Melanie Russo (vocals)

Composers Malcolm Green Urs C. Eigenmann

Date of recording 24 September 2016 (live)


Live At JazzIn St. Gallen

New Off&Out, Melanie Russo

Live At JazzIn St. Gallen

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Year of production 2016

1. Way Back Home
2. Entre o rio e a razão
3. Darius
5. The Little Point On The I (Intro)
6. Ò gente da minha terra
7. Tempo para quem
8. Changes
9. Try