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Time Is A Healer

Andrea Janser & Mr Lunatic

Time Is A Healer


Performers Andrea Janser (vocals, guitar)
Mr Lunatic
- Beat Oezmen (piano, e-piano)
- Roman Bieri (Trombone)
- Mike Ryrie (tenor sax)
- Thomas Brühwiler (e-bass, Double Bass)
- Florian Kolb (drums)

Composers Andrea Janser Mr Lunatic

Date of recording October 2016


Keep On Lovin'

Andrea Janser, Mr Lunatic

Keep On Lovin'

Record Label Unit Records / UTR 4761

Year of production 2017

2. I Color My World   
3. All I Need   
4. Our Melodies   
5. When You Are Gone   
6. Ain't Got A Lot   
7. Don't Listen   
9. Snow Fell   
10. Just The Way You Are   
11. Times They Are Changin'   
12. Keep On Lovin'