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Last Chance

Gianfranco GFN

Last Chance


Performers Gianfranco GFN (guitar)
Caryl Baker (keyboards)
Thomas Monti (tenor sax)
Lucien Dubuis (bass clarinet, saxophone)
Andreas Tschopp (Trombone)
Julien Clénin (Trombone)
Matthias Spillmann (trumpet)
Mimmo Pisino (Elektrischer Bass)
Steve Grant (drums)
Stéphane Jörg (percussion, conga)

Composers Gianfranco Nuzzo

Date of recording November 2015 - May 2016


Downtown In Person 70'S

Gianfranco GFN, Caryl Baker, Thomas Monti, Lucien Dubuis, Andreas Tschopp, Julien Clénin, Matthias Spillmann, Mimmo Pisino, Steve Grant, Stéphane Jörg

Downtown In Person 70'S

Record Label 96 Prodo. Montigolfiera / s.n.

Year of production 2016

1. 70'S   
2. Chico Blues   
4. Once Upon A Time   
6. Jimmy Jack Flash   
7. Sir Simon Speeling   
10. Salimbaci   
11. Disco ma fisco