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Bibs' Bachification / Comes Love (L'amour s'en fout)

Hot Sardines

Bibs' Bachification / Comes Love (L'amour s'en fout)


Performers Hot Sardines
- Miz Elizabeth Bougerol (vocals)
- Evan "Bibs" Palazzo (piano, leader)
- Jason Prover (trumpet)
- Nick Myers (tenor sax, clarinet)
- Mike Sailors (cornet, valve trombone)
- Sam "Fez" Raderman (guitar)
- Evan "Sugar" Crane (Double Bass, tuba)
- Alex Raderman (percussion, drums)
- Fast Eddy Francisco (step dance)
Dave Eggar (Violoncello)
Katie Kresek (violin, Viola)
Tony Maceli (Double Bass)
Phil Faconti (guitar)
Chuck Palmer (leader)

Composers Evan Palazzo Sam H. Stept Lew Brown Charles Tobias Hot Sardines Jason Prover Dave Eggar Chuck Palmer

Date of recording at about 2016


French Fries + Champagne

Hot Sardines, Alan Cumming, Bob Parins

French Fries + Champagne

Record Label Decca Records / 0602547809384

Year of production 2016

2. People Will Say We’re In Love   
3. When I Get Low I Get High   
4. Addicted To Love   
5. Sweet Pea   
7. Here You Are Again   
8. Until The Real Thing Comes Along   
9. French Fries & Champagne   
11. Gramercy Sunset