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Brazen Waltz

Joscho Stephan Trio meets Matthias Strucken

Brazen Waltz


Performers Joscho Stephan Trio
- Joscho Stephan (guitar)
- Günter Stephan (guitar)
- Volker Kamp (Double Bass)
Matthias Strucken (vibes)

Composers Joscho Stephan

Date of recording at about 2016


Gypsy Vibes

Joscho Stephan Trio, Matthias Strucken

Gypsy Vibes

Record Label Timezone Records / TZ1146

Year of production 2016

1. It Don't Mean A Thing   
2. Things Are Getting Better   
3. Linea Blanca   
4. Seul Ce Soir   
6. Swingende Liebeserklärung   
7. Night And Day   
9. Bag's Groove   
10. September Song   
11. Three Little Words   
12. Django