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Echo Of Spring

Simon Holliday

Echo Of Spring


Performers Simon Holliday (piano)

Composers Willie "The Lion" Smith Clarence Williams Tausha Hammed

Date of recording 2005 (live)


Major Moods - Minor Moods

Neville Dickie, Keith Nichols, Mike Goetz, Simon Holliday, Tom Roberts, Hans Baur, Brian Holland, Tony Caramia, Marco Fumo, Menno Daams

Major Moods - Minor Moods

Record Label Strideomania / Downtown Records / ST 7307

Year of production 2015

1. Everybody Loves My Baby
2. Maori
4. My Very Good Friend The Milkman
5. Minor Mood
6. Blue Again
7. I've Got A Feelin' I'm Fallin'
8. Troublesome Ivories
9. Sweet Lorraine
10. When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful
11. Going About
12. Whisper Sweet
13. Maple Leaf Rag
14. Snowy Morning Blues
15. Hank's Special
17. Ivory Tips
18. No Moon At All