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The Midnight Sun Will Never Set

Dany Doriz

The Midnight Sun Will Never Set


Performers Dany Doriz (vibes)
Georges Arvanitas (piano)
Eddie Jones (Double Bass)
Butch Miles (drums)

Composers Quincy Jones Henri Salvador Dorcas Cochran

Date of recording 13 November 1994
14 November 1994


This One's For Basie

Dany Doriz, Georges Arvanitas

This One's For Basie

Record Label Black & Blue / BB 860.2 ND 215

Year of production 1995

1. Vine Street ramble
2. Tickle toe
4. Amaroso
5. Flight of the foo bird
6. Whirly bird
8. Splanky
10. Blue and sentimental
11. Teddy the toad
12. Jumpin' at the woodside