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In Holomóc Town

George Mraz & Emil Viklicky

In Holomóc Town


Performers George Mraz (Double Bass)
Emil Viklicky (piano)

Composers Emil Viklicky

Date of recording 16 January 2013
17 January 2013


Together Again

George Mraz, Emil Viklicky

Together Again

Record Label Act Music+Vision / 9622-2 ACT

Year of production 2014

1. Dear Lover   
2. Poem   
3. Theme From 5th Part Of Sinfonietta   
4. A Bird Flew By   
5. U Dunaja, U Prespurka   
6. Austerlitz   
8. Thank You, Laca   
9. Up On A Fir Tree   
10. I Saw Grey Pidgeon