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The Day Will Come

David Brühwiler & Rainer Weber

The Day Will Come


Performers David Brühwiler (piano)
Rainer Weber (guitar)

Composers David Brühwiler

Date of recording at about 2014


Duómini - Aria per Siena

David Brühwiler, Rainer Weber

Duómini - Aria per Siena

Record Label All-C-Music / CM 1410

Year of production 2014

1. Aria Per Siena
2. In Love
3. Tibi Gratiam In Musica
5. Aria Sacra
6. Machupichu
7. One Bar Of Memory
8. September Song
9. Marvellous World
10. The Golden Key
11. Peace Song
12. Quiet Walk
13. Timeless Grace
14. Elegia
15. Neo-Baroque Air
16. To The One And Only