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Bye Bye Blues

Singers Unlimited

Bye Bye Blues


Performers Singers Unlimited
Gene Puerling (vocals)
Bonnie Herman (vocals)
Len Dresslar (vocals)
Don Shelton (vocals, clarinet)
Clare Fischer (piano)
Chuck Findley (trumpet)
Gary Foster (saxophone)
Pete Christlieb (tenor sax)
Bill Perkins (baritone sax)
Dennis Budimir (guitar)
Jim Hughart (Double Bass)
John Guerin (drums)

Composers Chauncey Gray Dave Bennett Bert Lown Fred Hamm Gene Puerling

Date of recording 29 September 1975
October 1975



Oscar Peterson Trio, Singers Unlimited


Record Label MPS Records GmbH / 523 521-2

Year of production 1994

1. Sesame Street   
2. The shadow of your smile   
3. The fool on the hill   
4. Soon it's gonna rain   
5. It could happen to you   
6. Zip-a-dee doo-dah   
7. Prelude to a kiss   
9. Gotcha   
10. My romance   
12. The more I see you   
13. Spring is here   
14. Skylark   
15. I'm shadowing you   
16. Feelings   
18. All the things you are   
19. This is the end of a beautiful friendship