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Cinema Paradiso Love Theme

Beat Baumli & Dani Solimine

Cinema Paradiso Love Theme


Performers Beat Baumli (guitar)
Dani Solimine (guitar)

Composers Ennio Morricone

Date of recording 16 April 2012
17 April 2012


Cinema Paradiso

Beat Baumli, Dani Solimine

Cinema Paradiso

Record Label All Jazz / CD 1401

Year of production 2014

Hair. Musical (Film)
2. Long Ago And Far Away   
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (Film)
4. But Not For Me   
5. Theme From "The Odd Couple"   
7. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face   
8. The Days Of Wine And Roses   
Charade (Film)
10. Fascinating Rhythm   
11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow   
12. M Squad   
13. The Look Of Love   
14. Just One Of Those Things   
15. Speak Softly Love   
16. Suicide Is Painless