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Travelin' Woman Blues

Rory Block / Maria Muldaur

Travelin' Woman Blues


Performers Rory Block (vocals)
Maria Muldaur (vocals)
Chris Burns (piano)
Michael "Mudcat" Ward (Double Bass)
Per Hanson (drums)

Composers Rory Block

Date of recording May 2003


Sisters & Brothers

Eric Bibb, Rory Block, Maria Muldaur

Sisters & Brothers

Record Label Telarc / CD 83588

Year of production 2004

1. Rock Daniel
3. Get Up Get Ready
4. Lean on Me
5. Bessie's Advice
6. Good Stuff
7. Rolling Log
8. Gotta Serve Somebody
11. Maggie Campbell
12. Give a Little More
13. My Sisters and Brothers