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René Scholl Jazztet

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Performers René Scholl Jazztett
- Ivan Kubias (trumpet)
- Dr. René Bondt (piano)
- Michel Scholl (Double Bass)
- Philipp Scholl (drums)

Composers Bob Haggart Johnny Burke Bruno Bosshardt Dr. René Bondt

Date of recording 24 October 2013 (live)


A Tribute To Bing & Bob Crosby

René Scholl Jazztett

A Tribute To Bing & Bob Crosby

Record Label Turicaphon AG / ES 73806

Year of production 2014

1. 9:20 Special   
2. Announcement   
4. Some Of These Days   
5. South Rampart Street Parade   
7. Sugar Foot Strut   
8. If I Could Be With You   
9. Paducah Parade   
10. Don't Say Goodbye   
11. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby   
14. Panama   
15. Fidgety Feet   
16. Mississippi Mud