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C'est si bon

René Marie

C'est si bon


Performers Experiment in Truth
René Marie (vocals)
Adrian Cunningham (clarinet)
Kevin Bales (piano)
Elias Bailey (Double Bass)
Quentin Baxter (drums)

Composers Henri Betti André Hornez Jerry Seelen Kevin Bales

Date of recording 10 March 2013
19 March 2013


I Wanna Be Evil

Experiment in Truth

I Wanna Be Evil

Record Label Motéma / 233783

Year of production 2013

1. I'd Rather be Burned as a Witch   
3. Oh, John   
4. Let's do it   
5. Peel me a Grape   
6. My Heart Belongs to Daddy   
7. I Wanna be Evil   
8. Come on-a my House   
9. Santa Baby   
10. Weekend