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Two Of A Kind

John Proulx & Michael Feinstein

Two Of A Kind


Performers Michael Feinstein (vocals)
John Proulx (piano, vocals)
Chuck Berghofer (Double Bass)
Joe LaBarbera (drums)
Bob Sheppard (tenor sax)
Ron Stout (trumpet)

Composers Johnny Mercer Bobby Darin Bill Cunliffe John Proulx

Date of recording 10 February 2012 - 11 February 2012


The Best Thing For You

John Proulx, Sara Gazarek, Michael Feinstein

The Best Thing For You

Record Label MAXJAZZ / MXJ 508

Year of production 2012

1. The best thing for you (would be me)   
2. Sing   
3. Jogger chronicles   
4. Love is for dreamers   
5. I can't give you anything but love   
6. Angel   
7. Wabash   
8. Before we say goodnight   
9. Push hands Anna   
10. And so it goes   
12. In the days of our love   
13. Here's to "the chuckster"   
14. Proulx's blues