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One Fine Thing

Harry Connick Jr.

One Fine Thing


Performers Harry Jr. Connick (piano, vocals)
Neal Caine (Double Bass)
Arthur Latin (drums)
Dan Higgins (flute)
Mark Braud (trumpet)
Mark Mullins (Trombone)
Ben Ellman (tenor sax)
Unknown (strings)

Composers Harry Jr. Connick

Date of recording at about 2013


Every Man Should Know

Harry Jr. Connick

Every Man Should Know

Record Label Columbia / 88883 72929 2

Year of production 2013

1. Every Man Should Know   
3. I Love Her   
4. Greatest Love Story   
5. Come See About Me   
6. Friend (Goin' Home)   
7. Being Alone   
8. Love My Life Away   
9. You've Got It   
10. Let Me Stay   
11. S'pposed To Be   
12. Time To Go