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I Remember Clifford

Pepe Lienhard Big Band

I Remember Clifford


Performers Pepe Lienhard Big Band
- Pepe Lienhard (leader)
- Adrian Pflugshaupt (alto sax, flute)
- Jörg Sandmeier (tenor sax, clarinet)
- Patrick Bianco (clarinet, alto sax)
- Alex Hendriksen (tenor sax, flute)
- Marcel C. Friedrich (clarinet)
- Nemanja Jovanovic (lead trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Adrian Eugster (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Dave Blaser (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Ralf Hesse (flugelhorn)
- Vincent Lachat (lead trombone)
- Edgar Schmid (Trombone)
- Gilbert Tinner (Trombone)
- Dirk Amrein (bass trombone)
- Olaf Polziehn (piano)
- Francis Coletta (guitar)
- Rolf Dieter Mayer (bass)
- Peter Lübke (drums)

Composers Benny Golson Quincy Jones Gilbert Tinner

Date of recording at about 2013


It's Swing Time

Pepe Lienhard Big Band, Voices

It's Swing Time

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / PLB 2013-09

Year of production 2013

3. Unforgettable
4. The Preacher
5. O Sole Mio
7. Is It A Crime
8. On A Clear Day
10. Georgia On My Mind
12. Smack Dap In The Middle
14. As Time Goes By