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Tea For Two

Jack In The Box / Memb.

Tea For Two


Performers Jack In The Box / Memb.
- Alfredo Ferrario (clarinet)
- Sandro Di Pisa (guitar)
- Valerio Della Fonte (Double Bass)
- Massimo Caracca (drums)
Lalo Conversano (trumpet)
Pisa Sandro Di (guitar)
Tiziano Riva (Trombone)

Composers Vincent Youmans Irving Caesar Louis Armstrong

Date of recording 6 February 2011


Blowin' In The Wind

Jack In The Box, Jack In The Box / Memb.

Blowin' In The Wind

Record Label Alessio Brocca Edizioni Musicali / BA 313 CD

Year of production 2011

1. Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home   
2. If Had You   
3. Bye Bye Blackbird   
4. Chinatown, My Chinatown   
6. Avalon   
8. Mood Indigo   
10. Honeysuckle Rose   
13. Sweet Georgia Brown   
14. Struttin' With Some Barbecue