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When I'm Gone

Marco Marchi and The Mojo Workers / Memb.

When I'm Gone


Performers Sam Burckhardt (saxophone)
Roberto Panzeri (drums, washboard)
Marco Marchi (acoustic guitar, vocals, electric guitar)
Fabio Bianchi (tuba)

Composers Marco Marchi

Date of recording August 2012
September 2012


My Old River

Marco Marchi & The Mojo Workers, Marco Marchi

My Old River

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Year of production 2012

1. Sometimes Babay
4. Do You Remember
5. Big Bad Billy
6. Fight For The Right
8. Meat Shakin' Woman
9. Didie Wa Diddi
10. Ragged & Dirty
11. Let The Circle Be Unbroken
12. My Old River
13. Joy