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I Want To Be A Sideman

Dave Frishberg

I Want To Be A Sideman


Performers Dave Frishberg (piano, vocals)

Composers Dave Frishberg

Date of recording 26 March 2011 (live)


At The Aglonquin

Jessica Molaskey & Dave Frishberg, Dave Frishberg

At The Aglonquin

Record Label Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19441

Year of production 2012

1. Who's On First
2. Slappin' The Cakes On Me
3. I'm Hip
4. My Attorney Bernie
5. Intro For Will You Die?
6. Will You Die?
7. Excuse Me For Living
9. Heart's Desire
10. Intro For Long Daddy Green
11. Long Daddy Green
12. My New Celebrity Is You
13. Do You Miss New York?
14. Can't Take You Nowhere
15. Intro For Listen Here
16. Listen Here