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Morgenstund' Hat Gold Im Mund

Charly Antolini Jazz Power

Morgenstund' Hat Gold Im Mund


Performers Charly Antolini (drums)
Andy Scherrer (tenor sax)
Rudi Wilfer (piano)
Aladár Pege (Elektrischer Bass)

Composers Rudi Wilfer

Date of recording 12 October 1981 - 14 October 1981


Bop Dance

Charly Antolini

Bop Dance

Record Label Bell Records / BLR 84 043

Year of production 1992

1. Windmühle
2. Seven steps to heaven
4. In without knocking
5. My pretty one
6. Salute to Monk
7. Bop dance
8. This time in a different way