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How Can You Face Me

Bob Wilber And The Tuxedo Big Band

How Can You Face Me


Performers Bob Wilber (soprano sax)
Tuxedo Big Band
- Paul Chéron (clarinet, alto sax)
- Nicolas Gardel (trumpet)
- Mathieu Haage (trumpet)
- Jérôme Etcheberry (trumpet)
- Benjamin Fernandez (trumpet)
- Olivier Lachurie (Trombone)
- Cyril Dubile (Trombone)
- Sébastien Arruti (Trombone)
- Stéphane Lourties (clarinet, alto sax)
- François Penot (tenor sax, clarinet)
- Stéphane Barbier (tenor sax)
- Gaël Pautric (clarinet)
- Pierre-André Cuxac (baritone sax, bass clarinet, clarinet)
- Henri Chéron (guitar)
- Didier Datcharry (piano)
- Pierre-Luc Puig (Double Bass)
- Guillaume Nouaux (drums)

Composers Fats Waller Andy Razaf Bob Wilber

Date of recording 12 December 2010
13 December 2010



Bob Wilber and The Tuxedo Big Band, Bob Wilber, Tuxedo Big Band


Record Label Arbors Records, Inc. / ARCD 19411

Year of production 2012

1. Rampage!
2. Century Plaza
4. Valley Of The Sun
5. Freemans' Way
6. The Golden Rooster
7. U.M.M.G.
8. Please Clarify
9. The Tender Ways Of Love
10. The Rabbit Jumps
11. Ghost Of The Blues
12. Chasin' The Riff
13. Jonathan's Way
14. Dreaming Butterfly
15. Puggles