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Enjoy Our Lives

Fabio Cannizzaro

Enjoy Our Lives


Performers Contrast Family
- Fabio Cannizzaro (background voice, vocals)
- Randy Muller (electric guitar)
- Walter Keiser (Drums, drums)
- Peter Keiser (e-bass, Elektrischer Bass)
- Christoph Stiefel (keyboard)
- Jon Otis (percussion)
- Rhonda Dorsey (background voice)
- Sharon Harris (background voice)
- Belinda Capol (background voice)
Randy (Elektrogitarre, electric guitar)
Johnny Otis (Percussion)

Composers Fabio Cannizzaro

Date of recording 1993


Soul Power

Contrast Family, Fabio Cannizzaro

Soul Power

Record Label EMI Records (Switzerland) / CD 02010

Year of production 1994

1. Wake Up World
2. I Wanna Make Music
3. Being Together   
4. Keep On Lovin' You = Keep on lovin' you = Keep on lovin' you
5. Why ?   
6. Precious Marble
7. Contrast Family
8. Soul Power
9. The Please-Mann
10. Love Sees No Color
12. In A Crazy Way   
13. Do The Funky Dance
14. Sing A Song