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Fly Me To The Moon

Let's Go Big Band & Bonnie Jeanne Taylor

Fly Me To The Moon


Performers Let's Go Big Band
- Erwin Füchslin (trumpet)
- Walter Kälin (trumpet)
- Marcel Holdener (trumpet)
- Roland Kälin (trumpet)
- Marc Egli (trumpet)
- Stefan Kälin (trumpet)
- Roger Zosso (trumpet)
- Franz Kälin (Trombone)
- Schönbächler Walo (Trombone)
- Andy Kälin (Trombone)
- Marcel Rust (bass trombone)
- Armin Schmid (saxophone)
- Mark Morgenthaler (alto sax)
- Walter Gyr (alto sax)
- Rolf Willauer (tenor sax)
- Thomas Zellweger (tenor sax)
- Martin Grätzer (saxophone)
- Michael Hess (piano)
- Walter Schnüriger (guitar)
- Markus Kälin (bass)
- Hugo Knobel (drums)
Bonnie Jeanne Taylor (vocals)

Composers Bart Howard

Date of recording 2011 (live)


Swing - Das isch Musig für d' Bei

Let's Go Big Band, Bonnie Jeanne Taylor, Edgar Ott

Swing - Das isch Musig für d' Bei

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s.n.

Year of production 2011

2. American Patrol
3. Moonlight Serenade
5. I Wanna Be Loved By You
6. How High The Moon
7. Swiss Medley
9. Fever
10. Big Spender
11. Stompin' At The Savoy
12. A Strings Of Pearls
13. Pennsylvania 6-5000
16. In The Mood
18. What A Wonderful World