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Girummetta Della Montagna

Heinrich "Heiri" Känzig

Girummetta Della Montagna


Performers Ethno-Netto
Heiri Känzig (Double Bass)
Matthieu Michel (flugelhorn)
Patricia Draeger (accordion)
Theo Kapilidis (electric guitar)
Kaspar Rast (drums)

Composers Traditional Heiri Känzig

Date of recording 28 November 1998 - 29 November 1998


Ethno-netto Heiri Känzig

Ethno-Netto / Memb., Ethno-Netto

Ethno-netto Heiri Känzig

Record Label Plainisphare / PL 1267 - 112

Year of production 1999

1. Du liebe Bueb (My dear boy from Emmenthal)
2. Du liebe - böse Bueb (My dear - wicked boy)
3. Chara lingua della Mama (Beloved mother language)
4. Rock-bar
5. My french heart
7. Swiss mountain spell
8. Anneli wo bisch gsii? (Anne, where have you been?)
9. Con-tradi(c)tion
10. Wänn miin Schatz wot fuetere gaa (When my lover wants to leave me)