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Sweet Potato Pie

Johnnie Bassett with The Bill Heid Trio

Sweet Potato Pie


Performers Johnnie Bassett (vocals, guitar)
Bill Heid Trio
- Bill Heid (piano)
- Dwayne Dolphin (Double Bass)
- RJ Spangler (drums)

Composers Bill Heid

Date of recording 15 October 1996


Bassett Hound

Johnnie Bassett, Bill Heid Trio

Bassett Hound

Record Label Fedora / FCD 5004

Year of production 2011

1. Bassett Hound
2. Walk My Blues Away
3. Ningyo Mambo
5. You Little Doll!
6. Still Can Boogie
7. Years Gone By
8. The Mellow Side
9. Pick Up the Pieces
10. Cold Winter Morning
11. Bouncing with Bassett