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C'est si bon

Bodil Niska feat. Claes Crona Trio

C'est si bon


Performers Bodil Niska (tenor sax)
Claes Crona Trio
- Claes Crona (piano)
- Jörgen Smeby (Double Bass)
- Pétur Östlund (drums)
Staffan William-Olsson
Roy Nikolaisen (flugelhorn)
Birgit Kjuus (flugelhorn)
Rune Brodahl (french horn)
Helge Sunde (Trombone)
Øyvind Braekke (Trombone)

Composers Henri Betti Staffan William-Olsson

Date of recording at about 2008


Night Time

Bodil Niska, Claes Crona Trio, Staffan William-Olsson

Night Time

Record Label Bare Jazz Records / BJCD101

Year of production 2008

1. Over The Rainbow
3. Fiin gammel
5. The Nearness Of You
7. You Don't Know What Love Is
9. Come Sunday
10. My One And Only Love