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Struttin' With Some Barbecue

Sammy Nestico & SWR Big Band

Struttin' With Some Barbecue


Performers Sammy Nestico
SWR Big Band
- Klaus Graf (soprano sax, alto sax, flute)
- Jörg Kaufmann (alto sax, flute)
- Steffen Weber (tenor sax)
- Andreas Maile (tenor sax)
- Pierre Paquette (bass sax)
- Felice Civitareale (lead trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Martijn de Laat (lead trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Ralf Hesse (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Karl Farrent (trumpet)
- Rudolf Reindl (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Marc Godfroid (lead trombone)
- Ernst Hutter (Trombone)
- Ian Cumming (Trombone)
- Georg Maus (bass trombone)
- Klaus Wagenleiter (piano)
- Klaus-Peter Schöpfer (guitar)
- Decebal Badila (bass)
- Guido Jöris (drums)

Composers Louis Armstrong Sammy Nestico

Date of recording 19 March 2010 (live)


Fun Time And More. Live

Sammy Nestico, SWR Big Band

Fun Time And More. Live

Record Label Hänssler Classic / CD 93.271

Year of production 2011

1. Ansage (Announcement)
3. Not Really The Blues
5. A Song For Sarah
7. Samantha
8. Rare Moment
9. A New Day
10. A Pair Of Aces
12. Orchids And Butterflies
13. Satin 'n' Glass
14. Dimensions In Blue