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Windy City Blues

Werner "Wieni" Keller

Windy City Blues


Performers Oscar Klein (trumpet)
Werner "Wieni" Keller (clarinet)
Isla Eckinger (Trombone)
Henri Chaix (piano)
Peter Schmidli (electric guitar)
Hans Schläpfer (Double Bass)
Gregor Beck (drums)

Composers Werner "Wieni" Keller

Date of recording 15 October 1982


Recovered Collector's Items

Werner "Wieni" Keller, Bud Freeman, Buck Clayton, Wild Bill Davison, Oscar Klein

Recovered Collector's Items

Record Label TCB The Montreux Jazz Label / 43112

Year of production 2011

1. Squatty road
2. Squeeze me
3. Singing the blues
4. Sweet Georgia Brown
5. Clayton place
7. Sweethearts on parade
9. My bucket's got a hole in it
10. Please don't talk about me when I'm gone
12. September song
13. Willow weep for me