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Charlie The Whale

Sammy Nestico & SWR Big Band

Charlie The Whale


Performers Sammy Nestico
SWR Big Band
- Klaus Graf (alto sax)
- Axel Kühn (pan flute, alto flute, flute, alto sax)
- Jörg Kaufmann (tenor sax)
- Andreas Maile (tenor sax, alto flute, clarinet)
- Pierre Paquette (bass sax, bass clarinet)
- Felice Civitareale (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Claus Reichstaller (trumpet)
- Karl Farrent (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Rudi Reindl (trumpet, flugelhorn)
- Ernst Hutter (Trombone)
- Marc Godfroid (Trombone)
- Ian Cumming (Trombone)
- Georg Maus (Trombone)
- Raymond Warnier (french horn)
- Gregor Fas (french horn)
- Heinrich Lohr (french horn)
- Klaus-Peter Schöpfer (guitar)
- Matthias Haus (vibes)
- Klaus Wagenleiter (piano)
- Decebal Badila (Double Bass, e-bass)
- Holger Nell (drums)
- Jörg Gebhardt (percussion)

Composers Sammy Nestico

Date of recording 5 May 2003 - 8 May 2003


No Time Like The Present

Sammy Nestico & The SWR Big Band, Sammy Nestico, SWR Big Band

No Time Like The Present

Record Label SWR Music / CD 93.118

Year of production 2004

1. Ya Gotta Try... Harder
2. Freckle Face
4. No Time Like The Present
6. Satin 'n Glass
7. The Blues Machine
8. Night Fight
9. Crosswinds
10. A Warm Breeze
11. Smack Dab In The Middle
12. After You've Gone
13. Strike Up The Band