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In A Sentimental Mood

Claude Diallo Situation with Andy McGhee

In A Sentimental Mood


Performers Claude Diallo Situation
- Claude Diallo (piano)
- Laurent Salzard (e-bass)
- Massimo Buonanno (drums)
Andy McGhee (tenor sax)

Composers Duke Ellington

Date of recording 14 January 2010
15 January 2010


Claude Diallo Situation With Andy McGhee

Claude Diallo Situation, Andy McGhee

Claude Diallo Situation With Andy McGhee

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / s. n.

Year of production 2010

1. Take The "A" Train
2. Body And Soul
3. I'll Remember April
5. Cotton Tail
6. Minor Waltz
8. You Don't Know What Love Is