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The Godfather's Theme (Speak Softly Love)

Michael Zisman's Jazzoneon feat. Sebastien Fulgido

The Godfather's Theme (Speak Softly Love)


Performers Michael Zisman's Jazzoneon
- Michael Zisman (bandoneon)
- Lorenz Beyeler (Double Bass)
- Dominik Deuber (drums)
Sebastien Fulgido (guitar)

Composers Nino Rota

Date of recording at about April 2004 (live)


Michael Zisman's Jazzoneon

Michael Zisman's Jazzoneon, Sebastien Fulgido

Michael Zisman's Jazzoneon

Record Label Eigenvertrieb / S.N.

Year of production 2004

1. Days Of Wine And Roses
2. Milestones
3. My Favourite Things
4. Lover
5. How Insensitive
6. Ana Maria
7. Warm Apple Pie
8. Latino
9. Blue In Green
10. La verdine
12. Birks Works