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My One And Only Love

Gabor Bolla & Giorgos Antoniou & Bernd Reiter

My One And Only Love


Performers Gabor Bolla (tenor sax)
Giorgos Antoniou (Double Bass)
Bernd Reiter (drums)

Composers Guy B. Wood Robert Mellin

Date of recording 22 June 2009 - 23 June 2009


Remembering New York

Gabor Bolla

Remembering New York

Record Label Mons Records / MR 874494

Year of production 2010

1. Lonnie's lament
2. A weaver of dreams
3. 26-2
5. Paradox
6. Blues to you
7. It's easy to remember
8. Lotus blossom
9. Namely you
10. The way you look tonight