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Langschtrass 1

Grau Band

Langschtrass 1


Performers Grau Band
- Jürg U. Grau (trumpet)
- Nathanael "Nat" Su (saxophones)
- Yves Ferrand (tenor sax)
- Chris Wiesendanger (synthesizer, piano)
- Herbie Kopf (e-bass)
- Kaspar Rast (drums)

Composers Jürg U. Grau

Date of recording 6 February 1993 (live)


Up & Down. 30 Years Live On Stage

Cosmic Bassball Crew, Elfvorzwoelf, Haerter-Philipp-Kopf-Studer, Ambrosetti-Kopf Quartett, Three Sirens, Muzik-Kopf-Mayer Trio, McCaslin-Sipiagin Quintet, New Deal, Blue Bananas On The Bahamas, Lombriga D'Orelha, Sendecki-Kopf-Studer, Greatest Hitch, Herbie Kopf Trio, Herbie Kopf Swilit Quartet, George Gruntz Swiss Trio, Hexagone, Paulo Moura Special Group, Fischbacher-Kopf-Spoerli Trio, Grau Band, Adhoc Group, Mueller-Kopf-Brugger, Herbie Kopf "Lop-Sided" Band, Grab-Kopf Quartett

Up & Down. 30 Years Live On Stage

Record Label Live Life Records / LiLi-2009005

Year of production 2009

Tracks - CD 1
1. Some Skunk Funk
2. Prince Of The Turtle Reign
3. Carrying On
4. If You Don't Like The Seven
5. It's (A) Rag Time
6. A New Experience
7. Homeless
8. Ri-Li-Jazz?
9. Saidera
11. Six Flights Up
12. Here & Now
Tracks - CD 2
1. Insi
2. Season's Greets
3. Sporadic Love-Ride
4. These Were Palaces
5. Ahead Again
6. Unseen Movie
7. Emergency Call
8. One For The Kids
9. Alligator's Tail
10. Piece Around...Peace
11. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To